Years average match length
Of our youth graduated high school last year
state that mentoring helped them avoid drugs / alcohol
of youth report higher self-esteem


Each year, we guide over 150 vulnerable youth (age 8-21) through life-changing friendships to build goals, character, and skills to be successful in life.

Fun moments


Tim & Phil

Phil and Tim mentoring

Phil knew they would be a good match when on their first outing Phil hit a frost heave in his old Jeep and Tim hollared, “Yee-Haw”. Through the years they have bonded over their love of automobiles. Tim recently graduated high school and is pursing a college degree in automotive.

Ka'marrey & Barbie


Ka’marrey & Barbie truly embrace our moto—Having Fun Changes Lives. Whether traveling to the Yankee Candle Factory, decorating with the Boo Crew Haunted House, Danc’n in the Streets @ Friday Nights: Downtown Rutland or riding bikes this match is nonstop energy. We are sure you will see them out and about with smiles and giggles!

Kegan & Al

Kegan and Al Mentoring

Al and Kegan have bonded over sports and music. “By having a mentor, Kegan has been exposed to so many activities he would not have had otherwise,” said Kegan’s mom. “Kegan’s interest in learning to play a musical instrument is directly due to the influence of his mentor and I could not be more thankful.”


mentor connector office

Program Expectations

Mentors must be 18 years of age or older, hold a valid driver’s license, and willing to commit to a long-term volunteer experience (minimum one-year, however, most friendships last much longer).

They must also do the following:


  • Complete the Volunteer Application Process.

  • Meet consistently with your youth for at least 12 months.

  • Maintain ongoing communication and training with The Mentor Connector staff.